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Hi, I’m Sandra.

Are you frustrated, bored or out of ideas that will really work in your kitchen?

Do you wish you could cook seasonal, wholesome food that fits into your busy life?

You can cook fantastic food without boatloads of time or agony in planning, shopping, and prep.

Let me show you how to cook like a natural.

it's time to feel like a natural in your own kitchen

it's time to feel like a natural in your own kitchen


Sandra has helped make cooking in my home a healthy and creative experience! I am converted to focusing on seasonal ingredients and making a surprising variety of tasty recipes with the same simple ingredients.

It has simplified my meal planning, stretched my budget with on-sale food items and use of produce before it spoils, and encouraged me to creatively find even more ways to use the same seasonal ingredients.

I am a different—better!—cook with Sandra’s help.

-Tricia Sederberg 

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Seasonal Cooking Simplified.

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