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Hi, I’m Sandra.

Are you frustrated, bored or out of ideas that will really work in your kitchen?

Do you wish you could cook seasonal, wholesome food that fits into your busy life?

You can cook fantastic food without boat loads of time or agony in planning, shopping, and prep.

Let me show you how to cook like a natural.

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20/20 Seasonal Cooking Plans

20 Ingredients
20+ Base Recipes
Using only the 20 ingredient mix of seasonal produce and pantry staples plus salt and pepper.
Seasonal Cooking Simplified.

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Pies. 20/20 Classes. Kids’ Camps.

Learn to bake pies, the 20/20 recipes or let me teach your kids.
Craft creative and delicious homemade holiday pies – you can even learn with your kids. You can also take the 20/20 class which is full of fantastic local flavors and confidence to cook the recipes in your kitchen this season.

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Coaching: Personal Clarity Session 

20-minute free consultation + 1 power hour to proficiency where you need it most:

Flavor Secrets to Success
Seasonal 20/20 Custom
Healthier, Not Harder

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Healthier, Homemade Meals

“Sandra is an intuitive cook and a delightful coach. She has helped me discover simple food combinations and provided pro tips that have given me the confidence to prepare healthier homemade meals for my family.” -Deborah K.


it's time to feel like a natural in your own kitchen