Hi, I’m Sandra.

I’m a kitchen natural now,

but I wasn’t always. There was a time I kept myself boxed up, eating and cooking without confidence: jarred alfredo sauce over noodles and a frozen bag of California medley vegetables was my go-to dinner. Low-fat dressing with a crazy chemical ingredient list doused on bagged salad. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t tasty and I didn’t feel great. I craved something more. My curiosity took me to a new library section, where I discovered the cooking books and magazines. That’s where the autumn bechamel lasagna on the cover Sunset Magazine changed my life. I’d never attempted a recipe that challenging before, but I was hungry for better, and come hell or high water I was making it. 

I roared, ate as soon as it was cool enough to not scorch the roof of my mouth, and radiated the same wattage as my apartment oven at the magnitude of my 9×13 accomplishment. I bought my first real cookbook and committed myself to continuing to better.

I’ve cooked through hundreds of books since that first one. I started teaching cooking classes. Found the farmer’s market and even better ingredients. Kept a food blog. Learned to forage fruit and herbs and taught my kids the same delight. Sold homemade jams. I even circled my work and studies as a writer to focus on the cooking and food I loved.

One Saturday morning, between eager forkfuls of omelet, a guest paused and sighed. “I don’t know exactly what I’m eating,” as he gestured to the tangle of summer herbs and goat cheese folded into the thin omelets, “but this is the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten. Sandra, I think you could cook everything.”

I realized then, that even though I hadn’t cooked everything, nor could I ever cook the whole world, I could really cook anything if I set my mind to it, I had become a kitchen “natural.” Riding the confidence that I really could cook anything, I was hired as a pantry chef, developing and producing recipes for restaurant use from the area’s produce.  I thrived on the challenge but never intended to stay in a restaurant kitchen, I wanted to help others grow into their own natural kitchen prowess.

The Kitchen Natural is the place where I help people who already know how to cook do it better. Through free content on the blog, seasonal cooking plans, classes and coaching, I guide seasoned cooks how to cook more intelligently, intuitively and innovatively with wholesome natural ingredients and seasonal produce. Like a natural.

There’s no reason to stay bored, frustrated or not feeling good in the kitchen. If you know you’re not where you’d like to be five years from now, why not start moving toward your goals today? You’re hungry for better. There isn’t a better time than right now. Anyone can cook like a natural, they just need to learn how. 

  • Save time meal planning, prepping, and shopping.

  • Stop wasting food and money.

  • Start cooking healthier, tastier, seasonal food with skill.

  • Get flexible with your cooking plans without throwing them out when it’s six o’clock and you’re famished. 

    Unlock your creativity and resourcefulness through your own kitchen.

    Let me help you cook like the natural you’re ready to be.

Photography by J. Katherine Images (the really nice stuff) and Sandra Clark Jergensen (the other stuff I snap with my iphone camera)
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