Confidence in the Kitchen?

Yes, Please!

Do you find yourself regularly doubting your kitchen skills?

Are you too busy to come up with new meal ideas that will make everyone in your home happy?

You’re in the right place… and you’re not alone!

I work with many people who look at what others cook and think they'd love to try that but rarely do—or they spin into overwhelm with the effort it takes.

Most of them just want to be confident in their ability to balance flavors, substitute ingredients like a pro, and create meals that are exciting to the eye and taste that don’t take forever to make or use every utensil in the kitchen.

Sound familiar?

If you’re longing to experiment with new recipes instead of cooking the same five foolproof dishes time after time, what’s stopping you?

Let’s get real...

You spend a LOT of time frustrated in the kitchen and rolling your eyes at a family that picks at your efforts — making a life of frozen dinners sound more appealing by the minute.

But in your heart of hearts, you'd rather be (or what you really, really want is to be) setting a gloriously seasonal cast-iron skillet dinner in the middle of the table instead like [BOOM].

You know that killer salad you order when you're out and think "If I could make vegetables taste like THIS, I'd eat healthy all the time"?

Word. You CAN.
Introducing the Cooking Club Season Pass

I want to make cooking FUN for you.

It’s possible to become a natural in the kitchen no matter what your cooking past looks like. That’s why I started a cooking club where I can work with you directly so you can start seasoning, slicing, and sauteeing like it ain’t no thang.

I’ve been teaching cooking classes for nearly 20 years and worked in all types of jobs within the food industry… and I’m sharing everything I’ve learned that’s made me the self-taught confident, curious, and happy cook that I am.

In the cooking club, I will show you how to cook with seasonal produce and ingredients so you can get happy dance-worthy flavor. You’ll think, “WOW, I made that!”

Unlike other cooking classes, I hold your hand the entire way to make sure you learn and feel comfortable as we go.

You’ll discover how to use what you have in the kitchen to create meals you’ve only dreamed of making before which will have your family counting the minutes to dinnertime.

When you enroll in the Cooking Club Season Pass, you’ll join a community of people just like you who are looking to make something healthy that doesn’t take too long and actually TASTES GOOD.

We’ll meet 3x a month to learn the ins and outs of cooking in virtual classes that are unstuffy, welcoming, flexible, doable, no-stress, and most importantly, FUN.

Like cooking with a savvy friend who's got your back.

You don’t need to worry about your dog running through the background, your kids skipping through or your husband popping in to grab a taste. I want you to feel like you’re just hanging out in the kitchen with a group of friends… and we’re making tasty food along the way.

With your membership, you’ll receive:

  • Open access to ALL my adult cooking classes for the year (that’s 3 classes per month or 36+ for the year)

  • A monthly digital, print-ready cookbook

  • Accommodations for Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and other allergy concerns- JUST ASK- ~30% of my clients do.

  • Cooking cheat sheets that teach you how to think like a cooking teacher

  • Access to my private cooking club Instagram account that syncs with your regular feed and is super easy to find Season Pass-only tutorials, Q+A and share pics and wins within our awesome community.

  • The skills to put together healthy meals with real, seasonal ingredients

  • Confidence and savvy know-how that'll make your mealtime joy rub off on the whole family.

  • An awesome community of people you can hang with weekly 3x a month.

    This isn’t some fancy-pants cooking class in Napa. NOPE.
    It's the perfect storm of real-life cooking: fancy enough to serve to company but easy enough to cook on the regular — like a bonafide, badass natural.
Upcoming Classes:
Thursday, March 17th, 5:30-7:00 PM Pacific: St. Patrick's Day (Caraway Golden Raisin Soda Bread + Colcannon- yum!)
Thursday, April 7th, 5:30-7:00 PM Pacific: Perfect Roast Chicken (let's make it easy and fun!)
Saturday, April 16th, 2-4 PM Pacific: Global Easter Extras (Fancy up your spread with make-ahead extras! Savory Italian Easter pie, Hot Cross Buns, and salad)
Monday, April 25th, 5:30-7:00 PM: Shop Your Fridge Fancy Toast + Slaw (Come as you are! We're raiding your fridge and pantry to make dinner.)
BONUS! Sunday, May 1, 2-4:30 PM Pacific: May Day Feast (it's a ready-made dinner party! Making that salad👇)
$99 per month or $997 at once
for one year of access to every
virtual adult class I teach 
My students are pretty dang awesome and they’re seeing AMAZING results

Cooking Club member Sue Nelson proves that we have fun and offer something for everyone—even those who don’t usually love listening to and watching educational videos online!

“My favorite part? You. You have such great energy and relatability. Your fun, vibrant personality, when added to your obvious vast knowledge was entertaining and made me feel like I wanted to come back for more. My husband walked through several times and was also drawn in. ("I could listen to her every day.") THAT was his comment. That is such a compliment coming from him… he's an introvert, not into podcasts and taking in ALL the information like I like to do.”

- Cooking Club member Sue Nelson
Aspiring cook Scott went from overwhelm and dread in the kitchen to having fun and making meals his family can’t get enough of.

“The kitchen and cooking have always been a love/hate relationship for me. After spending time in Sandra's classes, I realized I knew more than I previously thought and I really didn't need to be so nervous about cooking. Sandra has a plethora of knowledge and ideas and her fun personality makes each class and experience with her enjoyable. Having been in the training and development world, I know the worth of education and learning and anybody that can entertain as they teach, like Sandra does, is a rare and valuable find. I highly recommend her services and products. I no longer hate the kitchen.”

                                                                               - Scott Job

-Cooking Club member Melissa Quinn

At-home chef Zina was feeling uninspired by the same dishes every day — now she’s experimenting with new recipes and making meals she never thought she’d be able to make.

"I have been in such a cooking rut/funk and needed some inspiration so I attended two of Sandra's cooking classes. And boy did I get inspired! Sandra's approach is so intuitive, easy, and supportive of your own creativity and ideas. AND every single dish was so delicious. I love how many substitutions she gave and the permission to just make it work and 'get to done'. I am proud to report that every day since then I have found myself in my kitchen cooking. I am seeing the items in my fridge and cupboards with new eyes."

                                                                                            - Zina Bennion

It’s time to start cooking like a natural

Are you ready to dust off that apron and fall in love with cooking?
I will help you do just that.

You can become a part of this incredible membership for as little as $997 per year.

Investing in healthy meals that are tasty, quick, and nutritious (and that your family will actually eat) is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to incorporate fresh, real ingredients into every meal.

As a Cooking Club Season Pass member, you will receive everything you need to get your ingredients and equipment ready and start cooking food that tastes restaurant-worthy.

→ Step-by-step instructions on how to use your kitchen tools

→ Healthy recipes that maximize flavor and keep you from having to run to the store 374982734 times a week

→ Support to start cooking no matter where you’re at in life

→ Clear communication from me so you always know what’s up!

→ Formula-style recipes and techniques so you can cook gloriously even without a recipe

Classes will be held 3x Monthly on Thursdays 5:30-7:15 PM Pacific + weekends and always recorded so you can cook-along live or whenever. 

VIP upgrade:
2 hours of private custom help or a class for a virtual group of up to 10 people wherever,
+ includes a 20 minute planning session to make something amazing just for you, $500 add-on.

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About Sandra

Hey, I’m Sandra. I’m a writer, cook, and teacher.
I've taught cooking classes for more than 15 years.
I come to cooking as an academic, professional, and curious home cook.

Teaching people how to cook flexibly and naturally for themselves
and their family is at the core of what I do.

My number one goal is always to help you feel like at ease, like a natural, in the kitchen through a flexible, approachable style, and emphasis on seasonal food.
Every recipe we’ll cook is something I’ve personally written or adapted with you in mind.

No matter what your kitchen or life looks like,
I passionately believe you can cook fantastic, healthy, fresh food in a
delicious and doable way.

I believe anyone can cook like a natural starting exactly where they are.

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