Frequently Asked Questions

  • The 20/20 is a seasonal cooking plan. It is not a traditional menu plan that offers a list of meals for a day, week or month. The 20/20 is not for people who need or want total takeover of their meal planning. If you’re in the middle, and just wish that someone would make it easier.   Here’s what it’s like, I do the legwork of knowing what is in season, and crafting recipes that offer up produce at its peak with healthful pantry staples. You get a list of 20 base recipes (with a dozen or more extras and scads more ideas) that are simple to prepare and full of flavor. There are recipes for dinners, sides, breakfast, dessert that make cooking well in season smart and simple. The recipes all work from the same list of 20 ingredients, preventing food waste, extra time and hassle running to the store for one ingredient. So long as you grab the 20 ingredients when you shop, you’ll be prepared to make anything from the list anytime. Beyond the list and recipes there is a loads of insight, tips, and suggestions to let you know the best way to shop, store, and prepare the ingredients. Plus, simple substitutions to help you navigate swapping around when you don’t have an ingredient or can’t because of dietary restrictions or preferences.

  • Print off the list, (I’m even including an enlargement-worthy PDF you can get a photo print of) and stick to the side of the fridge or pantry door to help you pick what to cook. Take a highlighter to the ingredient guide and shopping list to quickly circle what you need. Use the How Much Is Enough? helps to let you know how much you need to buy.  The recipes PDF can be easily flipped through on any digital device and only need to be printed if you want them on paper. Continue to mix your family favorite meals into your plans. This isn’t a takeover program, it’s meal planning made easier. I’m going to keep it from being same ol’ same ol’. We’re burying boredom, but not killing what is already working for your with a whole system reboot. Let me just take over three days a week. Fill the rest with your favorites. Use the list for the whole season, and when the calendar flips to a new season, there will be a new guide waiting for you at The Kitchen Natural.

  • Try it for yourself and see. What would you be willing to pay to make cooking easier, so give away the hassle of hitting all the targets. Is it healthy enough? Is it in season? What is in season? What will I do with the rest of those ingredients? Will my family eat it? How long will it take? Will it even taste good? You’re tired of wondering and guessing and you’re ready for a more natural approach that isn’t so hard.The list is less than the cost of most cooking classes. The recipes I’m writing are written for hard-working mamas like you. You want to enjoy your time cooking, not stressing about what it should be.

  • Exactly. All the recipes are completely doable. Most can be made in 25 minutes or less, many can be prepped ahead of time. And each recipe includes ideas to take the simple dish into a filling meal to make a simple, wholesome, flavorful meal for your family an intuitive affair. Simply following the list will make you a more efficient, natural cook.

  • Good for you. You’ll put those skills to good work, making the list work even harder for you. While some things like salads are best finished right ahead of serving, you can often do all the chopping and some of the cooking in advance to make meals even faster and still just as fresh. Plus, tips on things you can freeze, and make in advance that keep brilliantly, making you look so smart. You are.

  • Yes. You can sign up by the season or get the whole year for $10 a month or $120 for the year.  Sign up and you’ll be the first to get the fresh new 20/20 list.

  • Each season will stick on the site as long as each each calendar season, with the new season launching on the solstice. Summer launches on June 20, fall on September 22, and winter on December 21st.

  • Of course you can. There are alternatives listed to help you work around nearly every recipe and ideas to expand and work with what you have and can eat.

  • Don’t worry, you don’t have to. There is guidance to get you through everything. The ingredient guide and recipes will take you through anything you need to know to cook.  Have more questions than answers here? Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer.

  • I can’t make any promises, but these recipes are tested with folks like you with families like yours. No one has died. In truth, it takes anyone time to acclimate to new tastes, but these recipes are crafted for flavor and vetted for ease of use. I really hope you love them too.

  • Depends on you. I recommend better ingredients for better results. You can pay a healthy amount for healthy whole food. But, you won’t be dropping lots of money on jars of things you will only use a 2½ teaspoons of something then waste it or wonder what am I going to do with the rest. All recipes in the 20/20 are engineered to teach you how to use everything completely and smartly. The in truth, you’ll end up saving money at the store and at home with what you aren’t wasting.

  • There are easy listed alternatives for meat, milk, gluten, and nuts. The recipes aren’t all vegan, paleo, south beach, and cookie diet friendly, but they are balanced, focused on whole foods, whole grains and most especially seasonal produce. If you don’t eat vegetables you may have wandered into the wrong site. But you are totally welcome to stay and change your mind. I’m really passionate about cooking vegetables to their best and most delicious.

  • Products + Programs: 48 hours after purchase. If you buy a product and realize it really isn’t for you, that’s okay. Simply write in the contact section, and I’ll get you taken care of. See full terms and conditions for more specifics.   
    Group Classes: Before 3 days before for a full refund, up to 24 hours for 50% refund. I’m bummed you’ll miss it, but I’m happy to provide all printed class materials even if something comes up and you can’t make it.

    Private Classes + Camps: 10 days for full refund, 4 days in advance for 50% refund. I’m bummed you’ll miss it, but I’m happy to provide all printed class materials even if something comes up and you can’t make it. For private group classes non-host attendees, see group class policy above. 

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