Super Onion Potato Salad

I probably would have never reached for the can of french-fried onions if I hadn’t been at the minimart with a minimal number of options. Sometimes life surprises you and you bless the minimart and the crispy canned onions that take a simple potato salad in an entirely different direction and into potato salad crack. On vacation with a seriously limited supplies, I got the whim to make a potato salad that was all about the onions. Onion is usually a team player and rarely the star, but being in the middle of Yellowstone I decided we were playing with any onion I could find at the gas station grocery: yellow onions, red onions, some really sad green onions, and (of course) the canned french-fried ones since I was playing by the rules of my own invention. Roasted, quick-pickled, and fried onions play all the parts of sweetness, acid, and richness making a reversal of potatoes as the supporting role in its namesake salad.