6 Week Spring Session
Starts Wednesday, April 27th, 4:15-6:15 PM Pacific

Plus an early bird bonus on April 18th!

Hand Off Dinner Duty

Imagine this: You walk into the kitchen and your kid is maneuvering around like a seasoned pro.

They're following a recipe (adapting when needed), seasoning like BAM!, and most importantly. . . having fun.  

Want kids that cook more than ramen and PBJ in college?
The best time to learn to cook is while
they're still at home, right now.

That's why I love to train your kiddos to be confident, capable cooks- they carry those skills into their adult lives.

I SHOW them how to dice, slice, saute, and bake like a boss.

I give them recipes they'll love and feel confident cooking
and can come back to again and again.

The best part? You can sit back back and relax knowing the whole family can gather to enjoy a "WOW, you made this!?!" meal each week.

No more burnout from Wednesday night cooking
OR trying to teach how.

Introducing Teen Cooking Club

Every Wednesday from 4-6 PM, I'll teach your teen or tween some mad cooking skills as I walk them step-by-step through a delicious meal your whole family will love. For 6 weeks, we'll cook together -LIVE- via the magic of Zoom.

I'll teach your kid how to handle a knife like a pro, feel confident following a recipe (and how to adapt like a kitchen whiz), with chef-level seasoning skills. These approachable, fun cook-along classes start February 2nd.

what it looks like:
I believe in teaching through fun. We laugh about my goofy "onion mullet" analogy- but no one forgets which end to cut after learning it.

Because I know life happens (practices, homework, COVID, etc.) so class recordings are always available the day after each class if your child can't make the live class.

YouTubers and TikTok cooks can't compete with interactive learning through these awesome kid-friendly classes. Your t(w)een will be excited to cook one they learn how fun it can actually be.

Your teen or tween will come away with
real-life "adulting" skills, including:

  • ninja-like knife skills cutting vegetables

  • flavorfully searing and seasoning food

  • safely cooking meat and vegetables without drying out or undercooking

  • following and adapting a recipe

  • timing a multi-course meal to finish gloriously at the same time for dinner

They'll be won over by their own handiwork (I've seen it over and over).

They'll be cooking and tasting healthy, fresh food without you bribing them to do it.

On the Menu for Spring 2022:
 Foolproof Skillet Chicken or Tofu
Olive OIl Chicken/Chickpea Salad
Snap Pea Slaw
Basic Microwave Rice
Green Fried Rice
Anything Fruit Crumble
Lemon Garlic Butter Fish (or Beans) and Asparagus
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Cream Biscuits
Ricotta Gnocchi with Lemony Peas
Old School Italian Salad Builder
Amaretti (Italian Chewy Almond Cookies)
Velvet Jacket Sweet Potatoes
Canned Beans Made Awesome OR
Basic Black Beans
Cilantro Lime Rice
Blueberry Lime Rickey

Yogurt Flatbread
Afghani Meatballs
Cucumber Salad

BONUS: extra week for early birds on MONDAY, April. 18th!

Potato + Greens Quesadillas
Homemade Flour Tortillas

We'll cook our way through loads of techniques: homemade dressings, quick breads, and perfect proteins while we build some serious confidence in the kitchen.

$257 at once
or 3 monthly payments of $87

for six weeks of personalized, real-time cooking instruction and support
"gaining skills and trying new foods"
"diverse and delicious menu" 
There's no better time to teach your aspiring chef the pure WOW of creating a meal that blows their own socks of with tastiness and shiny-new technical skills in action.

They're not just learning to be confident in the kitchen,
they learn real confidence in themselves.

Click below to enroll your kid today.

These awesome industry leaders have featured my work:

If your child:
  • Thinks grilled cheese or ramen constitute a complete meal

  • Rolls their eyes at the thought of helping you make dinner but is interested in cooking

  • Watches YouTube and TikTok cooks but thinks they could never do that

Then you're in the right place, my friend. In my Teen Cooking Club, I'll teach your kid not just how to cook, how to move about kitchen like a natural -- thinking beyond recipes and makes substitutions and adaptations with ease!

No need to cringe when your kid picks up a chef's knife. I'll give them the skills and a love for cooking that'll stay with them for years to come.

We take a cook-along approach that allows kids to have fun and learn at the same time.
Your kid will join a community of teens all cooking together in real-time as I guide them along, step-by-step.

You'll enjoy a delicious weekly dinner from scratch made with fresh ingredients that the whole family is gonna love.

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When you sign up for the teen cooking club,
your kid will get:
Kitchen Skills for Life
Gone are the days of fearing your t(w)een's  (and your own) safety whenever they slice an apple.

Your kitchen will no longer look like a warzone when your child is done cooking.

They'll leave the club with skills to take with them for the rest of their life.

Doable, Healthy Recipes Families Love

The house will smell like a restaurant and have you sneaking seconds for each homemade meal.

We customize recipes for dietary differences and personal taste, including Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Dairy-Free.

2-Way Live-stream Instruction
YouTube can't compare to the personalization of the way we work. Overhead + front facing cameras so you can always see each step.

❤️  interfacing with each kid- checking in, asking and answering questions as we go.

There's no shame in troubleshooting and I love to shout out wins.

Your child will be proud of their new cooking skills
6 Weekly
Cook-Along Classes 

Tuesdays, 4:15-6:15 PM PST

I love for your child to ask questions as needed throughout the class (this is a SAFE cooking space!) -- and I'll help them get over blocks in the road as they work through fun new recipes

Every class is recorded and whether or not you attended live so your child can watch (or re-watch) it later while cooking. 

Answers + Community

3 Ways to Reach Out

- Directly in class- out loud
or privately using chat.

- Marco Polo: Message Sandra your questions  and wins throughout the 6 weeks (quickest response).

- Email: ask your questions and concerns.

Clear Communication

You'll Receive:

-PDF Cookbook

- Weekly Emails with class outline and equipment needs so your teen/tween can prep on their own.

- Google Calendar invites

Real Skills and
Really Tasty Recipes

"Unlike most cooking instructors for kids, Sandra teaches kids real skills and recipes that are both delicious and healthy. My kids have taken several cooking classes, but Sandra's are the most useful for long-term skills and recipes we'll actually make again.

My kids have improved by leaps and bounds."

Anoosh Jorjorian

Empowered and Excited

"Teen Cooking Club was the  highlight of the week for our entire family.

My twelve year old transformed from someone who liked baking treats to being empowered and excited to make
multi-dish dinners!

We loved eating what he made (and not having to cook that night) and he loved it so much that he campaigned to keep his cooking night even after the club was over!"

Matt Sederberg

In just 6 weeks, you'll have 
a confident, capable teen cook —
and 6 awesome family meals
(with no work required from you).

"Cooking Club Nights Were My Favorite"
 I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful session of cooking classes! Cooking Club nights were my favorite night of the week.  I'm so impressed with the variety of dishes Hayley made and with how independently she worked.  Thank you so much!  And, so I don't feel too left out, I just signed up for your pie workshop tomorrow!

- Heather Rose, parent

Loretta and Jason:
"Dinner this good over Zoom!"

"Also I learn from you
every week"
"OMG that was awesome"

"Before Cooking Club I Only Made Ramen and Macaroni. . . then I made weekly dinners for my family!"

Ethan, teen cooking club alum

Ashley, seasonal adult cooking club alum + teen cooking club parent

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About Sandra

Hey, I’m Sandra. I’m a writer, cook, and teacher.  I've taught cooking classes for more than 14 years.
I come to cooking as an academic, professional, and curious home cook.

And a mom- I’ve got kids too and they’ve attended my camps and classes haven’t held back on what they liked and didn’t!) Teaching people how to cook flexibly and naturally for themselves and their family is at the core of what I do.

My number one goal is always to help you feel like at ease, like a natural, in the kitchen through a flexible, approachable style, and emphasis on seasonal food. Every recipe we’ll cook is something I’ve personally written or adapted with you in mind.

No matter what your kitchen or life looks like,
I passionately believe you can cook fantastic, healthy, fresh food in a
delicious and doable way.

I believe anyone can cook like a natural starting exactly where they are.

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$257 at once
or 3 monthly payments of $87

for six weeks of personalized, real-time cooking instruction and support


What IS Teen Cooking Club?

It’s your kid taking over dinner with someone else picking recipes to help them learn kitchen skills, recipe flexibility, and expertly coaching them to success one night a week for two months. Teens will cook your full family meal in each 1.5 - 2 hour class.

Who is it for?

Teens or tweens able to manage a pan and knife. OR with a parent or older sibling around for safety. Roughly ages 11-17. Siblings welcome and they're free. The enrollment price is per household or screen. Yay!

When and where is class held?

Wednesdays 4:15 - 6:15 PM Pacific, April 27th- via Zoom.
Plus, get a bonus class if you join by April 18th!
Classes are recorded if you can't make it live and available the next day.
All recipes will all be emailed to you one week ahead of classes.

What about equipment or ingredients or if my family doesn’t eat _______?

The whole goal is to get comfortable using what you have and like. I’ll have LOTS of accommodations to help you do what works for you. Around 35% of all of my clients and cooking students have dietary differences —  flexibility is one of my specialities.  I'm ready to work with what food works for you.

Recipes will be available one week in advance of each class so you can shop ahead of class.

Want a little boost of safety and confidence for your kid?

I'll turn your teen or tween into a ninja with a knife (slowly and safely). All you have to do is add-on a private Knife Skills Session for $50.

This awesome investment is 45 minutes of 1-on-1 instruction virtually or in-person in Davis, CA.

This a 50% discount for Cooking Club members only because I want your kids to be safe and not scared (or scarred) with their chef’s knife.

I'm happy to share starter knife recommendations or where to sharpen a knife to get them started with a good blade as well - regardless if you sign up or not.  I highly recommend this add-on for beginners to gain some safety skills, speed, and confidence.

What's on the menu for this season?

Spring 2022

 Foolproof Skillet Chicken or Tofu
Olive Oil Chicken/Chickpea Salad
Snap Pea Slaw

Basic Microwave Rice
Green Fried Rice
Anything Fruit Crumble

Lemon Garlic Butter Fish (or Beans)
 and Asparagus
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Cream Biscuits

Ricotta Gnocchi with Lemony Peas
Old School Italian Salad Builder
Amaretti (Italian Chewy Almond Cookies)

Velvet Jacket Sweet Potatoes
Canned Beans Made Awesome OR
Basic Black Beans
Cilantro Lime Rice
Blueberry Lime Rickey

Yogurt Flatbread
Afghani Meatballs
Cucumber Salad
BONUS: extra week for early birds on Monday April 18th!

Potato + Greens Quesadillas
Homemade Flour Tortillas (even GF!)

We'll cook our way through loads of techniques: homemade dressings, quick breads,
and perfect proteins while we build some serious confidence in the kitchen.

Let's take your kid from grazer to kitchen creator.

Turn off YouTube and TikTok.
Turn on new skills